About Us

The Evaluation and Visitor Research National Network (EVRNN), established in 1996, is a group of museum professionals dedicated to advocating for the visitor voice within museum practice.

We recognise that:
  1. The visitor is a joint partner in the interpretation of culture
  2. Evaluation and visitor research is integral to the practice of the new museology
  3. Visitor evaluation and research is a rapidly developing field in Australasia
  4. There is a need for a professional forum through which theory, methodology and findings are shared and standards of practice established.

The 2012 Committee 

• President:Carolyn Meehan, Museum of Victoria, Victoria
• Treasurer: Tiina Roppola, University of Canberra
• Secretary: Regan Forrest, Museum Interpretation Consultant

• Gillian Ridsdale, University of Queensland
• Gillian Savage, Environmetrics, Sydney

Contact the President
Carolyn Meehan
Manager, Market Research & Evaluation
Museum of Victoria

Ph: 61 (03) 8341-7780
Email: cmeehan [at]museum.vic.gov.au

This blog is maintained by Gillian Savage.
Ph: 0412 928 302
Email: gillian [at] environmetrics.com.au