Thursday, October 4, 2012

KISS program evaluation

Short and sweet program evaluation has five measures.
  • First time vs repeat use
  • Rating - 5-point scale and/or Net Promoter Score
  • Rating on KPI outcomes
  • Open comments
  • Demographics - age, sex, location (local or out of town)
I presented a snapshot at the Museums Australia 2012 conference about short and simple program evaluation. Here is the presentation.

To see the notes with each slide, view it on Slideshare by clicking the Slideshare button to the left of the arrow buttons. Then you'll see two tabs beneath the slideshow - one for comments and one for notes for each slide.  Click the 'notes' tab to see them.

Once you have collected the data, you'll need to tally it up and write a short report.

You can keep track of visitor experiences by implementing this really simple evaluation tool for all your public programs.

Author:  Gillian Savage.

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