Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Committee is at work

Your EVRNN Committee met by teleconference yesterday. We polished off a few admin tasks in quick fashion. You'll see that our first action was to fall into line and accept a name change in line with MA's networks. So goodbye EVRSIG, and hello EVRNN.

Then we got down to discussing some of the things we could offer at the MA Conference in Adelaide on 24-28 September 2012.

We are keen to encourage you to offer papers about any aspect of visitors or audiences at your place. The call for abstracts end on 27 april 2012. If you'd like to discuss an idea for a paper, or seek a co-author, please contact a committee member and we'll see how we can help.

In addition, EVRNN would like to offer something along the lines of hands-on workshops for beginners and/or advanced practitioners.

And we'd like to shape up a fun interactive session that would use active learning principles rather than the 'sit and listen' approach that is the usual fare at conferences. What form could it take?
  • Quiz, trivia or puzzles to solve?
  • Debate or competition of some kind?
  • Mythbusters?
What do you think?

And, now to end with some eye candy... here's a picture from the Canning Stock Route at the Australian Museum. I blogged earlier about this fabulous exhibition when I saw it at the National Museum. It looks just as good at the Australian Museum. 

Canning Stock Route - sinuous bench with built-in interp

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  1. I'm wondering if we could put together a session called something like "so you think you know your visitors?", bringing together examples of when EVR has challenged long-held institutional assumptions. It could also be a change to revisit maxims that are based on research that is probably now outdated, particularly with repsect to visitors' use of technology. I'm sure the dos and don't I worked to in the late '90s would have a very differen flavour if the research was re-done today!