Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Art gallery audiences in NSW

The Museums and Galleries NSW report, "Guess Who's Going to the Gallery: The NSW Report" is based on  7,000 responses from 41 galleries across NSW collected between 2007 & 2010.

The M&GNSW website notes that:

The research reveals that if you have 10 people standing in front of an artwork in a public gallery, it is likely that:
  • At least one will speak a language other than English at home;
  • At least two will be tourists;
  • Two will be under 35 and at least three aged between 35-54;
  • Four will be from a household earning less than $40,000 and only two of them will be from a household earning more than $80,000;
  • At least five will live within the gallery’s local government area;
  • At least five will work (full or part time) and two will be retired;
  • Two will have finished secondary level schooling, and
  • Two will have a post graduate degree;
  • Five will have been to that gallery more than four times in the past two years, but for three of them, it will be their first visit;
  • Two will have come with their partner, three by themselves, with the others coming with family and/or friends;
  • Almost all of them will have rated their visit as “Good” or “Terrific”. 

    This audience description will appeal to local councils who provide most of the funding for the regional galleries that make up the bulk of this sample. They will be very happy to know that their galleries are attracting lower income people, tourists and repeat visitors. And that visitors are enjoying the experience.

    You can access the report at the M&GNSW website.

    Posted by Gillian Savage

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