Tuesday, October 5, 2010

About our members

Currently, we have nearly 100 members across Australia and New Zealand. The following graph shows where our members are located.

EVRSIG has members in all States
Most members are in NSW and Victoria, however the ACT, Queensland and WA also have local groups.  Every state has at least one member, and we have two in New Zealand.

Because we are so spread out, the Internet is our main form of communication. Committee members meet by teleconference several times a year.

We have some thoughts about activities in the coming year. We'd love to hear your ideas about events in your local area that you'd like to support. This could be a workshop or seminar for yourself and colleagues/volunteers. Or a social event.

Add a comment here, or send an email to another member. Spread the word.

Coming next -- details of Committee members for the coming year.

Contributed by Gillian Savage

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